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Maybe what we see is an illusion

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

I was born in Hong Kong, a place with a strong mixture of Eastern and Western cultures. When I was a kid, I heard numerous stories of the Virgin Mary and the GuanYin:- mercy, kindness, and love. I used to wonder about the similarity; maybe "They" are the same, we just named "Her" differently. And the focal point is the war figures and their Ghost-like reflections. Are they just an illusion of oneself (another me)?

This picture is a single shot without any touch-up, meaning from a certain angle; this is precisely what the eyes or the camera see. Our knowledge, vision, and culture and civilization differences may be just an illusion. I hope this triggers your imagination.

"Another Me- War Figures"

"Another Me" is a series of more than 12 pictures I started planning when I was young. Since my career as a photographer, I have dreamed of telling my own stories in a single picture instead of a film/video. Each photo in the series has different visuals like people, stills, animals, sets, props, etc., and I won't be repeating myself. They are all original and start from scratch.

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