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Picture tells a thousand words

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

This Picture is inspired by the Old Hong Kong sayings: 若要人似我, 除非兩個我 (rough meaning is: there won't be someone like you unless there are two of you). Hope to let us think no people are the same; no matter how educated or knowledgeable we are, there will be people with different mindsets.

The portrait in the center is composed of the reflections of the two twins' sisters' faces. The classroom, the books, the calligraphy, and even the clock have their purposes and meanings. Remember Pink Floyd- the wall; I hope I can tell a thousand words with a single picture.

"Another Me- Twins"

"Another Me" is a series of more than 12 pictures I started planning when I was young. Since my career as a photographer, I have dreamed of telling my own stories in a single picture instead of a film/video. Each photo in the series has different visuals like people, stills, animals, sets, props, etc., and I won't be repeating myself. They are all original and start from scratch.

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